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ACES Center for Engineering, Consultations, Studies, Geotechnical Engineering & Construction Material Testing Laboratories was established in 1998 Palestine in order to meet the necessity for quality control of the local engineering projects, especially after the substantial increase in development of the structural construction and infrastructure in recent years. (ACES) was registered officially as a member of the Engineering Association under No. 701 (materials construction and Geotechnical testing) as a specialist in Testing and Quality Control for engineering materials.

ACES is proud to employ specialized engineers and technicians in different areas of construction material testing and other quality control procedures required for engineering projects. 

A special training course is designed for new employers, after which they have the ability to perform tests under any construction circumstances. 
To guarantee the quality of services, technicians are periodically involved in field training and are subject to regular inspection by the technical manager.  
Focusing on the level of service, ACES is devoted to provide customers not only with high performance of work implemented but also with a large family of tests

(ACES) adopts Italian equipment produced by one of the world's leading manufacturers of testing equipment for civil engineering CONTROLS that is specialized in manufacturing, maintaining, and calibrating of equipment for engineering laboratories. (ACES) have been certified by the Palestinian Specification Institute and other governmental agencies.This certification was awarded after satisfying the requirements of ISO GUIDE 25, and ISO 17025. (ACES) has the experience and resources to carry on and implement any job related to engineering laboratory services and quality control through its professional consultants, engineers, and technicians.